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Quick Facts

  • Exciting, story-driven gameplay for all ages.
  • Full spectrum K-12 content in each game.
  • Studio-quality graphics and audio.
  • Comprehensive educational content.
  • Ideal for elementary, homeschool, ABE, and ESL.
  • Built with special needs considerations.
  • Excellent backwards compatibility.


  • Release date?
  • Pricing?
  • Online or Offline?

Read the answers.

Series Titles

  • Word4Word: Reading [In Production]
  • Search for the Alecodex: Writing [In Production]
  • Phantom Orchestra: Music [Planned]
  • T-Minus Panic: Math [Planned]
  • Many more to come!

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Your mission, should you accept it...

Armed with the power of speech and a bundle of stolen top-secret blueprints, Blueclaw the Cat is determined to take over the world. Naturally, Interpol is worried, but how do you stop a cat with an array of unimaginable technology at his disposal?

Talking animal spies, of course, how else?

Join Operation SpyRat as Agent Scamper. Cooperate with operatives around the world to solve problems, find clues, crack codes, and put an end to Blueclaw's dastardly plans. You've never seen cat and mouse games like this!

Exciting Stories, Memorable Characters

Operation SpyRat comes from the imaginations of some highly creative individuals. Following the motto: "if we don't think it's cool, they won't either," the MousePaw Games team has created an exciting and engaging adventure for all ages.

Fuzzy companions, global espionage, and numerous twists and turns make for a hilarious and rollicking quest to save the world.

Unforgettable Adventures

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Lead Developer Jason C. McDonald grew up on educational software. Coming from years of saying to himself, "I would have done that differently...", he and the rest of the MousePaw Games team work hard to create unique activities. Their goal is to make learning come naturally.

Forget game-like quizzes and recycled classic standbys. These activities are designed to promote experimentation and hands-on learning.

Top Notch Content

Our team is very finicky about what goes in the final product. Operation SpyRat is built with studio-quality graphics and audio, innovative code, and comprehensive content. In our book, cutting corners is not an option! At MousePaw Games, we believe that quality is a major factor in engaging and retaining players' attentions. You can rest assured you'll be getting our absolute, fur-combed, armor-shined, feathers-preened best!

Barrier-breaking Education

Operation SpyRat seeks to go beyond traditional grade levels, dividing content instead into dozens of stages of proficiency. This means that our games can be used in public and private schools, by homeschooling families, as well as by students with learning disabilities, late learners, and ESL.

The content and storyline is designed for enjoyment by all ages, so older players don't feel like they're stuck with a "kiddie game" just because they're working with earlier concepts.

Adventure For All!

Many members of the MousePaw Games team know what it is like to live with various learning disabilities and special needs. Disappointed by the stunning lack of accessibility features in educational games, Jason McDonald and the rest of the team dedicated special attention to ensuring the game could be used by all sorts of learners.

The interface is designed to be dyslexic and color-blind friendly. Language captions are provided for ESL players. Gameplay can be tailored for attention disorders. Content can be adjusted to meet the unique interests of Autism-spectrum learners.

Reliability and Compatibility

Operation SpyRat engineered to work with most major operating systems, with superior backwards compatibility. Our game core is designed to make the most of limited system resources - great news for those school computer labs that rely on donated computers! Meanwhile, we are ensuring that many newer operating systems will still support our games.

*Features and details subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies do you use?

Operation SpyRat is built using an original game engine and graphics system written in C and C++. Learn more about our libraries and our technologies.

Where can I play Operation SpyRat?

We're still in development, so it isn't ready for public release yet. If you want to be among the first to play it, check out the Testers Program.

What operating systems will you support?

Many schools cannot afford to upgrade their computers, thus, we're doing our best to bring the game to them. We are aiming to support Windows 95 - Windows 7, Mac OS X, and all major variants of Linux. Yup, we're ambitious.

Wait..what about Windows 8 and 10?

We've done a lot of research into the newest versions of Windows, and we've decided not to support them, for both technical and ethical reasons. We're not cool with Microsoft's controversial new Terms of Service (yes, we reviewed those personally), and we would have to go out of our way to get our software running on those operating systems. We strongly recommend upgrading to Ubuntu Linux - its free, modern, and stable. Our entire company runs on it!

How much will it cost?

We haven't finalized prices (obviously), but we're looking at charging $25 one-time for a home license, and $200/year per classroom. Significant discounts will also be available. We believe that educational software should be affordable!

Will this be an online game?

No. Operation SpyRat will be installed from a CD-ROM, as many schools and individuals do not have access to high-speed internet. However, activation will most likely require an internet connection, even if it's dial-up.

When will the game be available?

We do not have any set release dates as of yet, as we're still early in the development process. We'll be updating our website and social media channels when we have something more concrete!

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